Churches: Get Your Message Out There With Custom Live Streaming Solutions

Our live streaming tools put the most important message out there to any platform available.


From Anywhere.
To Anywhere.

Are your students going to camp? Team going overseas? We can originate a stream anywhere and get it back to anywhere.

Stream Anywhere.

Our platform provides the software and hardware to stream to any of the major social networks and video platforms. We also provide the capability to create your own streaming library that lives on your website and matches your brand.

✅ Facebook
✅ Twitter
✅ Youtube
✅ Vimeo
✅ Your Website


Our platform includes a custom outfitted Mac Mini M1 for each streaming destination as part of the setup fee. This allows the processing power and system stability to ensure a high quality stream origin so your viewers see the best quality picture available.

These systems have the proven ability to deliver up to 4K video if your internet connection can support it.

With this computer originating the stream, and our AWS-powered backend delivering it, your viewers will be part of an experience that looks better than broadcast television at a fraction of the budget.

“Josh and his team have been terrific to work with. Quick to respond and always providing quality media! There are many benefits to their team but the greatest is their ability to provide technicolor results on a black and white budget. Always an EXCELLENT value with professional results!”

Britt Dillard, Minister of Media - First Baptist Church Spartanburg

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